Movieaholics Anonymous.

"Hello... my name is Tenshi and I'm a Movieaholic."
I can't help it. I love movies. All kinds of movies. Most people who know me can very easily state that I am a movie junkie. But one thing I can't stand... movie critics. Now I'm not talking about people who just give opinions, I mean those snobbish critics who get paid to trash a movie because it's not the same old drivel we've seen a thousand times before. So.. I'm going to post my own.. non-professional opinions of movies, both classic and modern. Enjoy.

Movie Categories:

Action            Foreign          Sci-Fi
Animation      Horror           War
Comedy         Musical          Western
Drama           Mystery         Other
Family           Romance

If you have a movie you would like me to review, please drop me an email and I will do my best. My only request... make sure it's out on DVD. :)